About YBA

YBA is the agency helping foreign visitors – companies and individuals – to handle their business and everyday life matters in Ukraine.
YBA is Your Personal Business Assistance in Ukraine. Its like to have your business assistant with you when travel.

​To make Your business and stay in Ukraine safe and comfortable we invented for You YBA

YBA - Your Business Assistance - is an agency providing services for launching, managing and developing business in Ukraine for foreign investors.

We provide online office and assistant services, help organizing trips to Ukraine and around the country.
Our services include legal advice on business registration, tax legislation and related issues; the selection and purchase of real estate, including commercial; investment projects.

YBA offers business support, including bookkeeping, tax accounting and finance management.
We help our clients with business startups, PR and advertising support. We will help you to find and recruit the best personnel and arrange your office.

Marketing, advertising, PR, finance, business management, real estate, IT, legal and other specialists are always there to help our clients.

If you come to Ukraine to stay, we will take care of your everyday needs.

Renting an apartment and keeping it in order - cleaning, washing, cooking, arranging security or even babysitting – is something that we can handle easily.

The idea of YBA – comprehensive services for foreign customers – was born when we traveled abroad. Whenever you stay in a small hotel or don't speak the local language, when you try to localize or remain in a foreign country for an extended period of time, you may face certain difficulties.

In Ukraine, we started with helping our friends and colleagues to handle simple tasks, such as finding nice restaurants and stores, arranging trips around the country, picking up at the airport, or buying local gifts at the best price.

Eventually the demands became more business-oriented, and currently our team helps to register and launch businesses, keep accounting records, run an online office.

We know the local market and have all means to support your business in lawful, time- and cost-effective manner. And more importantly, with comfort.

About the founder.

Tatyana Shklyaruk, the CEO and founder of YBA, has been in business administration since 1997. Certified teacher of English and French, Ms Shklyaruk also mastered international economy and management in Kyiv National Economy University. Another field of her interest is psychology, where she focused on personality development and the psychology of organizations and systems.

She started her career as an assistant to the general manager of Bureau Veritas Ukraine, and then worked at Intel as a personal assistant to the head of the company’s representative office in Ukraine.

As one of client leaders with the Nords PR Agency, she worked with HP, IBM and Philips.

She was actively involved in several election campaigns as a marketing manager.

The position of an event manager allowed Ms Shklyaruk to work on local television, which culminated in hosting Emmy International Awards semi-finals in Ukraine.

Over the past several years she has been managing a company that imports gas equipment to Ukraine.

In the meantime, Ms Shklyaruk has been assisting her foreign partners and friends to develop their businesses in Ukraine. This past and current experience allow introducing the best business practices in the YBA work, and the company is happy to share them with you. For more detail about the founder see Linked In.